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Current versions

Concord Desktop and Concord Online (2009-present)

The current version of Concord was first released in 2009 to replace what was then a 10-year-old Concord Windows 95 Study edition. It was offered as an offline (Desktop) program and an online monthly subscription. It has been updated a few times over the course of 8 years — first with the Firefox extension, known as version 1.5, and then later in 2012 as 2.0, and 2.1.22 being the latest version. The original 1.0 program installed from the DVD is no longer supported. Only the latest 2.1.22 Desktop and Concord Online subscription products are currently supported. You can find additional information about Concord Desktop and Concord Online on the Product Information Concord (2009) page.

General Help Links
Launch Online User Guide
Download printable PDF of Concord User Guide.

Previous versions of Concord

The versions listed below are no longer eligible for technical support.

Concord Windows 95 Study Package v.3.0 ( 1999)

The Windows 95 Study Package was released in the mid-90s, almost 10 years after DOS. It was the first mouse-based program, providing quick and easy access to the writings. Today it is still well-loved by many Concord users. This version is no longer supported, though some users have been successful it getting it to work on modern Windows operating systems. We can offer a software patch that may make it functional on newer Windows operating systems if you still have the installation CD.

Concord Mac v2.0 (1991)

The only version that offered hymns played by multiple instruments, this early Mac version was one of most loved versions produced. Many folks have gone to extensive lengths to allow this version to continue to run on newer Mac operating systems. This version is no longer supported, but we’re glad those who love it and can still run it are enjoying this tried and true program.


Concord DOS v1.0 (1988, 1990)

The first-ever computer program offering searchable Bible text and all the writings of Mrs. Eddy, as well as the Hymnal. This was a keyboard command program, offering features such as archiving and overlap checks among notebooks. This version is no longer supported, but if it’s still working for you, well done!