New Concord — Frequently Asked Questions

New Concord — Frequently Asked Questions


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2017 Hymnal

Current version (v2.1)


Why are you making a new version?

We are making a new version for three reasons:

  1. Significant changes have occurred in technology that allow for improvements and updates to Concord that customers have been asking for and of which we would like Concord to take advantage.
  2. Our customers are using mobile devices now in more ways than they were in 2009 (when the first version of the current Concord was released). We want to enable Concord to accommodate those new ways of use and were unable to do that without a significant overhaul.
  3. The cost to maintain, support, and update the current version has grown significantly. We needed to make a change to get Concord on a firmer financial foundation.


When will the new version be available?

We expect the new version of Concord to be released part way through 2018.

Pricing & Discounts


How much will the new Concord cost?

Concord subscribers have the option to sign-up for either a monthly or an annual subscription. The monthly subscription price will be $6/month, totalling $72/year. However, for those new customers who elect to subscribe on an annual basis, the cost will be $66/year (a 1-month or 8% discount off the monthly rate).

If you are a current Concord customer (of any previous version of Concord), you are eligible to receive a 2-month, or 16%, discount with an annual subscription for $60/year.

Students are also eligible to receive special pricing at $4/month, or $48/year.

Concord subscribers may gift a subscription to others for $50/year, a 30% discount off of the full monthly price.

Will there be a free trial?

Yes. Customers will be able to try the product free of charge for 30 days. After that trial period, you will be prompted to subscribe.

I have a previous version of Concord; can I get a discount for the new version?

Yes. You will receive a 2-month, or 16%, discount with an annual subscription.

Will current Concord customers be able to upgrade for free?

No. The current version of Concord is over eight years old and uses technologies that are no longer suitable for what customers expect from the product. The new Concord will not be a free upgrade, but we will provide a discount for those with any previous version of the product (see the pricing FAQs). We will also provide tools for migrating your data from previous versions of Concord to the new version.

Will this be a subscription product?

Yes, making Concord a subscription product enables us to stay current with technological advances and opportunities, which will be more beneficial to you. Also, we believe this to be the most fiscally responsible approach. A subscription-based product allows us to better support, develop, and improve the product over time by continually investing revenue back into product development, adding features, fixing bugs, and covering our overhead.

Will you have gift subscriptions for the new version?

We plan to offer gift subscriptions, and are exploring all available options.

Reading Rooms

What do I do with old stock in my Reading Room (previous Concord editions)?

You may continue to sell them if you wish. However, please make it clear to your customers that technical support for the Concord 2.1 product will be discontinued in 2019, one year after the new product is released. (Versions of Concord prior to 2.1 are not currently supported.)

Will you give me a credit for old Reading Room stock?

No, we are unable to provide credit for old Reading Room stock. However, you are welcome to price the stock at a discount.

Concord & Internet Access

Will the new Concord be a desktop product?

Concord is built to work wonderfully on desktop and laptop systems with a variety of screen sizes, in addition to tablets and smartphones.

If you are looking for an offline, locally-installable version of Concord that does not require an Internet connection, there will not be one available for this new version. The new Concord will be an online-only product — meaning you will need an Internet (or cellular) connection to use it.

The next few questions answer why an online-only product is advantageous.

Will I be able to use the new Concord when I am disconnected from the Internet?

No. However, with Internet (and cellular) access now available in many locations whether via hotspots, smartphones, or even on trains and airplanes, customers often have numerous ways to access Concord.

Why do I need to always have an Internet connection for the new version of Concord?

Our move to an online-only product enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the best Concord experience for as many users as possible. An online-only product provides distinct benefits. By being online-only, we can deliver to you the latest updates, improvements, and bug fixes to all users simultaneously, without you having to lift a finger. All users will always be on the latest version. You no longer have to wonder if you are running the latest version or if your data is at risk by installing a complex upgrade.

You may have noticed there hasn’t been an upgrade to Concord 2.1 in several years. This was due, in part, to the expense involved in updating the program and distributing it to our users. Over time, our inability to update Concord meant that some users who had to update their operating systems, were no longer able to use Concord fully. We do not want to put customers in that situation again.

By delivering Concord entirely over the Internet, we reduce or eliminate many potential performance, data migration, and data loss issues. At the same time, (as with any change) new issues may arise which we expect to be able to address more easily for all customers through an online-only Concord.

Lastly, having Concord fully and easily available on any device makes this program accessible to members in developing countries whose only computer is often a smartphone. And with Internet access becoming more and more ubiquitous globally, there are increasingly few places where one will be offline and unable to access Concord.

But I really like my desktop program.

We recognize many of our customers use, and enjoy, their locally-installed desktop programs. And we understand that some users will decide to continue to use these versions well into the future. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm our customers have for Concord.

The reality of publishing software is that computer code needs to be updated regularly to address bugs and stay current with changes in devices, platforms, and most importantly, security practices.

The previous version of Concord came as both a locally-installed desktop product and an online version. Over time, it became increasingly costly to support both versions of the product. We, ultimately, had to choose between them — and selected the path which would allow us to serve the greatest number of Concord users over time.

Acting on customer feedback, the overwhelming request for more smartphone functionality was a major reason we pursued an online-only Concord product.

Technical support

How long will you support the current Concord Desktop product (Concord Desktop v2.1)?

We will continue to offer email and telephone support one year from the release date of the new Concord.

How long will you support the current Concord Online product?

Originally Concord Online (v2.1) was going to be available for six months after the official launch of new Concord. However, in May 2018, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules went into effect in Europe, with world-wide impact. After a thorough review of Concord Online (v2.1) and how it would be affected by these new rules, we came to the conclusion that we could not comply with the regulation without investing significantly into the product (beyond what we feel is reasonable knowing the product is being replaced). And, even if we did invest, we were not confident that everything would work as expected when we finished. Since new Concord was steadily proceeding, it felt unwise to commit time and resources in a different direction.

Therefore, Concord Online (v2.1) will be decommissioned on October 1, 2018. At that time, customers will no longer be able to access their accounts. Please be sure to migrate any data you keep in Concord Online (v2.1) before that date. If you have questions about migrating your data, click one of the links below to view articles and videos with step-by-step instructions to migrate data: article | video



Will I be able to use Concord easily on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. A primary goal of this new version of Concord is to provide customers with an easy-to-use experience from smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Can I do everything I can do in the current version?

We have made a concerted effort to respond to user feedback and to streamline and simplify the Concord experience. We have kept the core functions of searching, reading, listening, annotating, printing, and building citations. But many of these have been re-envisioned or streamlined to address persistent issues experienced by customers in previous versions of Concord. Sign up for a free trial to experience the new Concord and keep an eye on our product website for more information.

What new features will it offer?

Please visit the product information page for information on the new and improved features you can currently experience or expect to see in the new Concord.

Will I be able to print?

Yes. Printing will be available in citation-only, book-format, and free-flowing text.

How will the notebook functionality work?

This is an example of a feature that was re-envisioned in the new version of Concord. Instead of providing customers with the full functionality of a word processor within the program, Concord now focuses on the capture and re-organization of citations as the primary functionality, while still supporting the use of bold, italics, hyperlinks, and the ability to insert live-link citations and images. Customers can add private comments to individual citations or to an entire list of citations.

What about annotations, import/export of citations, and other features that aren’t in the beta right now?

They’re currently under development. As soon as we have prototype functionality ready for your feedback, it’ll be incorporated into the beta program. Watch this space (and sign up to be a beta tester) to give us feedback.

2017 Hymnal

Will the hymns from the 2017 hymnal be available in the new Concord?

Yes. Both the hymn tunes and lyrics are available to search and listen. Furthermore, you can now listen to hymns on your smartphone with one tap of your finger.

Will the hymns from the 2017 hymnal be added to current or previous versions of Concord?

No, they will not be added to current or previous versions of Concord. In order for us to get the new product in your hands as quickly as possible, we needed to focus on putting the hymns (texts and tunes) into the new Concord product. The new product encodes the hymnal in ways that are incompatible with previous versions of Concord and so we cannot easily nor economically add the new hymnal to previous versions.

This free download of a word index for the new hymnal is provided to help customers with older versions of Concord access the new hymns.

Current version (v2.1)

What will happen to my data on my current Concord Online account?

Please migrate or download your data before October 1, 2018. Most users, who have fewer than 50 notebooks or annotation files, will be able to use the built-in tools presently in the new Concord to complete this successfully.

For users with over 50 notebooks, we aim to have a data migration tool available in early September that will enable you to migrate your data all at once.

If, however, you choose not to subscribe to the new Concord, you will need to export your data out of Concord Online before October 1, 2018. In compliance with GDPR, any data still in the system on October 1 will be deleted.

Will Concord Express still be available?

Eventually, Concord Express will be converted to the new version of Concord. We are working actively with the JSH team to determine the best way to accomplish this integration. We will have more information in the coming year about what this will look like.